Invited Article in Peer-Reviewed Journal

In These Rounds, Health Care Professionals Heal Themselves

Crystal Dea Moore and J. Phillips

Journal of Social Work in End-of-Life and Palliative Care

5 (3/4), 116-125 (2010)

Articles in Peer-Reviewed Journals

Description and Preliminary Evaluation of a Modified College Experience for Adults with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities

K. Remis, Crystal Dea Moore, J. Pichardo, Z. Rosario, J.P. Moore

Journal of Social Work Education.

53(2), 354-360 (2017)

Innovative Experiential Learning Activities in Aging:  Lessons Learned from Four BEL Projects

K.M. Hash, K.J. Poole, M. Floyd, L.E. Tower, Crystal Dea Moore, A.T. Rogers

Journal of Teaching in Social Work

37(2), 156-170 (2017)

Understanding Perceptions of Anxiety Disorders and Their Treatment

C. Schofield, Crystal Dea Moore, A. Hall, M. Coles

Journal of Nervous & Mental Disease

204(2), 116-122 (2016)

From Assessment to Action: Identifying Progress toward Enhanced Accessibility and Campus Climate

Beyer, A., Crystal Dea Moore, Totino, J.

Journal of Postsecondary Education and Disability

29(2), 199-206 (2016)

Thirty-Day All-Cause Hospital Readmissions – Racial and Income Disparities and Risk Factors in a Veterans Integrated Healthcare Network

M. Shulan, K., Gao, Crystal Dea Moore.

International Journal of Technology and Healthcare Management

15(2), 112-123 (2015)

Development and Preliminary Validation of a Scale to Measure Self-Efficacy in Seeking Mental Health Care (SE-SMHC).

Crystal Dea Moore, C. Schofield, D. van Rooyen, L. Andersson


:339. DOI 10.1186/s40064-015-1109-1 (2015)

A Survey of Healthcare Industry Representative Participation in Surgical Cases

J. Bedard, Crystal Dea Moore, W. Shelton

Journal of Clinical Ethics

25(3), 238-244 (2014)

General Self-Efficacy and Its Relationship to Self-Reported Mental Illness and Barriers to Care: A Randomized Population Study

L. Andersson, Crystal Dea Moore, G. Hensing, G., Krantz, C. Taland-Nyman

Community Mental Health Journal

DOI 10.1007/s10597-014-9722-y (2014)

Racial, Income, and Marital Status Disparities in Hospital Readmissions within a Veterans Integrated Health Care Network

Crystal Dea Moore, K. Gao, M. Shulan 

Evaluation and the Health Professions

DOI: 10.1177/0163278713492982 (2013)

Validation of the Swedish translation of the WHO Well-Being Scales

Löve, J., Crystal Dea Moore, Andersson, L. & Hensing, G.

Quality of Life Research

23, 293-297 (2014) 

Clinical Update: Communication Issues and Advance Care Planning

Crystal Dea Moore, A. Reynolds

Seminars in Oncology Nursing

29(4), e1-e12 (2013)

Exploring Influences on Frail Older Adults’ Experiences of Health

Z. Ebrahimi, K., Wilhelmson, K., Eklund, Crystal Dea Moore, A. Jakobsson

Geriatric Nursing

34(4), 289-294 (2013)

Holding On to the Indispensable Medication: A Grounded Theory on Medication Use from the Perspective of Persons with Medication Overuse Headache

P. Jonsson, A. Jakobsson, G. Hensing, M. Linde, Crystal Dea Moore, T. Hedenrud

The Journal of Headache and Pain

14. DOI: 10.1186/1129-2377-14-43 (2013)

Predicting 30-Day All-Cause Hospital Readmissions

M. Shulan, K. Gao, Crystal Dea Moore

Health Care Management Science

16(2), 167-172 (2013)

Frail Elders' Experiences with and Perceptions of Health

Z. Ebrahimi, K. Wilhelmson, Crystal Dea Moore, A. Jakobsson

Qualitative Health Research 

22(11), DOI: 10.1177/1049732312457246 (2012)

The Effect of a Family Support Intervention on Physician, Nurse and Family Perceptions of Care in the Surgical, Neurological and Medical ICUs

Crystal Dea Moore, G. Bernardini, R. Hinerman, K. Sigond, J. Dowling, B. Wang, W. Shelton

Critical Care Nursing Quarterly

35(4), 1-10 (2012)

Evaluation of an Intervention Designed to Help Divorced Parents Forgive Their Ex-Spouse

M. Rye, A. Fleri, Crystal Dea Moore, E. Worthington, N. Wade, S. Sandage, K. Cook

Journal of Divorce and Remarriage

53, 231-245 (2012)

The Caregiver-Provider Relationship Assessment: Measuring Family Caregivers’ Perceptions of Relationship Quality with Health Care Providers

Crystal Dea Moore

Evaluation and the Health Professions

35(1), 104-110 (2012)

Validation of the Swedish Translation of the General Self-Efficacy Scale

J. Löve, Crystal Dea Moore, G. Hensing

Quality of Life Research

DOI: 10.1007/s11136-011-0030-5 (2011)

Promoting and Measuring Family Caregivers’ Self-Efficacy in Caregiver-Physician Interactions

Crystal Dea Moore, K. Cook (Skidmore College psychology major)

Social Work in Health Care

50(10), 801-814 (2011)

From Nursing Home to Green House: Changing Contexts of Elder Care in the United States

M. Loe, Crystal Dea Moore

Journal of Applied Gerontology

DOI: 10.1177/0733464811401022 (2011)

Success with ACCESS: Use of Community-Based Participatory Research for Implementation

C. Eilola, K. Fishman, A. Greenberg, Crystal Dea Moore, A. Schrijver, J. Totino (Four Co-Authors Skidmore College undergraduates)

Journal of Postsecondary Education and Disability

24(1), 77-82. (2011)

The Impact of Family Functioning on Caregiver Burden among Caregivers of Veterans with Congestive Heart Failure

Crystal Dea Moore

Journal of Family Social Work

13(5), 451-462 (2010)

The Effect of a Family Support Intervention on Family Satisfaction, Length-of-Stay, and Cost of Care in the ICU

W. Shelton, Crystal Dea Moore, S. Socaris, J. Gao, J. Dowling

Critical Care Medicine

38(5), 1315-1320 (2010)

Work-Family Fit: The Impact of Emergency Medical Services Work on the Family System

S. Roth, Crystal Dea Moore

Prehospital Emergency Care

13, 462-468 (2009)

Community-Based Participatory Research: The College as the Focal Community

E.A. Heckel, Crystal Dea Moore 

Journal of Baccalaureate Social Work

14, 45-62 (2009)


Alternative to CSWE’s Traditional Reaffirmation Process: One Small BSW Program’s Experience

Crystal Dea Moore, D.K. Karp

Journal of Baccalaureate Social Work

13, 126-140 (2008)

Enhancing Health Care Communication Skills: Preliminary Evaluation of a Curriculum for Family Caregivers

Crystal Dea Moore

Home Health Care Services Quarterly

27, 21-35 (2008)

Communication Issues and Advance Care Planning

Crystal Dea Moore

Seminars in Oncology Nursing

21, 11-19 (2005)

Ethical Problems Faced in End-of-Life Care Decision Making by Oncology Social Workers and the Need for Practice Guidelines

E. Csikai, S. Roth, S., Crystal Dea Moore 

Journal of Psychosocial Oncology

37, p. 1-16 (2004)

Use of the Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment (POLST) Form to Honor the Wishes of Nursing Home Residents for End-of-Life Care: Preliminary Results of a Washington State Pilot Project 

J. Meyers, Crystal Dea Moore, A. McGrory, J. Sparr, M. Ahern 

Journal of Gerontological Nursing

30, 37-46 (2004)

The Co-Occurrence of Child Abuse and Domestic Violence: An Issue of Service Delivery for Social Service Professionals 

W. Folsom, M. Christiansen, L. Avery, Crystal Dea Moore

Child and Adolescent Social Work Journal

40, 375-387 (2003)

Surrogate Decision-Making: Judgment Standard Preferences of Older Adults 

Crystal Dea Moore, J. Sparr, S. Sherman, L. Avery

Social Work in Health Care

37, 1-16 (2003)

The Michigan Advanced Practice Nurse Palliative Care Project

K. Kuebler, Crystal Dea Moore

Journal of Palliative Medicine

5, 754-755 (2003)

Factors that Influence Elders’ Decisions to Formulate Advance Directives

Crystal Dea Moore, S. Sherman

Journal of Gerontological Social Work

31, 21 - 39 (1999)

Predicting Self-Protection against Sexual Assault in Dating Relationships among Heterosexual Men and Women, Gay Men, Lesbians, and Bisexuals

Crystal Dea Moore, C. Waterman  

Journal of College Student Development

40, 132 - 140 (1999)

Magazine Article

Advanced Illness Coordinated Care: A Model for Social Work i\Intervention

S. Roff, Crystal Dea Moore

Social Work Today 

December 10, 2001, pp. 10 - 12.

Newsletter Articles

Gero-Experiential Learning: “Understanding the World Through Each Other’s Eyes”

Crystal Dea Moore

The Aging Times (a publication of the Council on Social Work Education)

October 2010

Case of the Month:  Advanced Illness Coordinated Care 

Crystal Dea Moore

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Health System

January 2004, Volume 4 (1)