Loved Ones of Missing Persons

A missing person is someone who has disappeared, and there is uncertainty regarding the individual’s fate, whereabouts, and if the person is dead or alive.


People go missing for many reasons, including crime-related circumstances, armed conflicts, disasters, migration, and human rights abuses. In addition, some vulnerable people become lost, and still other people may choose to disappear.


There are over 88,000 active missing persons’ cases in the United States, and the International Commission on Missing Persons indicates that there are few reliable statistics that capture the “diverse nature and major impact of this global problem.”


Regardless, if you are connected to a missing person, it is a loss like no other.

New Study

Dr. Moore is currently conducting research on the relationship characteristics between law enforcement and loved ones left behind. 


If you have a missing person in your life and would like to share your experience and insights, you are invited to participate in this study by taking this survey.  

Are You Missing a Loved One?
Here are some ways to manage the stress.